Vol. 3 Num. 1 2012

Effect of cement dust deposition on physiological behaviors of some halophytes in the salt marshes of Red Sea
Amal M. Abdel- Rahman and Mohamed M. Ibrahim

Chemical Constituents of the lichen Stereocaulon tomentosum
Jamal A. Nasser, Ahmed A. Abu-Lhwm, Humaid A.A.H and Gumaih H.S.A

HPLC analysis of non-enzymatic antioxidants in Azolla caroliniana (Pteridopsida) subjected to UV-B
E. M. Mostafa and M. M. Ibrahim

Biochemical characterization and variability of Egyptian new hybrids of Capsicum L.
Shawkat Mahmoud Ahmed

Biodegradation of Agricultural Plant Residues by Some Fungi Isolated From Yemen
Abdullah Y. Al-Mahdi, Ahmed L. E. Mahmoud and Hala J. Al-Jebouri

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