Current Issue

Vol. 9 Num. 1 2018

Relationship Between Genetic Structure and Yield Characteristics of Some Libyan and Egyptian Wheat Cultivars
Idris H. B. Haiub, E. E. Kandil and Nader R. Abdelsalam

Response of Some Egyptian and Iraqi Wheat Cultivars to Mineral and NanFertilization
Gomaa M. A., F. I. Radwan, E. E. Kandil and M. A.F. Al-Msari

   Genetic Diversity of Vernonia as Revealed By Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD)        Markers
   Nwakanma, N.M.C., Oboh, B.O., Adekoya, K.O. and Ogunkanmi, L.A

 Horticultural Performance, Yield Components and Sugar Content of Jerusalem Artichoke         Cultivated Under the Middle Egypt Conditions
    Yasser M.M. Moustafa, Rabab W. Maraei and Asmaa S. Ezzat

  Leaf Epidermal Features in 14 Species of Vernonia
    Nwakanma, N.M.C., Adekoya, K.O., Ka.diri, A.B. and Oboh, B.O

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