About The Journal

Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences is the official English language journal of the Faculty of Sciences Ain Shams University . The Journal publishes original research papers and reviews from any botanical discipline or from directly allied fields in ecology, behavioral biology, physiology, biochemistry, development, genetics, systematic, morphology, evolution , control of herbs , arachnids , and general botany.
The Journal will be published twice/year (one volume per year) by Academic Journals. The Journal was founded in 2010 as international publication. This would be quite inconceivable without the help of our many collaborators. We are much indebted to all those who have been helpful in so many ways, especially in reviewing papers. Our thanks are due to the members of the Editorial Board, past and present, but also to numerous scientists with no particular connection to our journal, who nevertheless responded readily to our request to review a paper.
The Journal is an Egyptian journal covering the whole field of general, experimental, systematic and applied botany. Manuscripts generally should not exceed 20 pages (exceptions are possible, particularly in case of reviews, and should be negotiated in advance with the editors). Papers are considered by referees before acceptance. Authors will receive first editorial decision within 8 weeks from confirmed submission. All contributions are published in English. Authors whose mother tongue is not English are strongly urged to have their manuscripts reviewed linguistically before submission. Papers written in poor English will be returned. It is understood that manuscripts submitted to EAJBS have not been offered to any other journal for prior or simultaneous publication
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